UCAS Contact Number: 0371 468 0468

0161 333 0004

UCAS Contact Number

Calls are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

You can speak to an adviser at UCAS on 0371 468 0468.  This line can help if you are looking to apply for an undergraduate degree course, for postgraduate enquiries and to find a university through clearing.

Undergraduate enquiries – 0371 468 0468

You can ring 0371 468 0468 to speak to UCAS about an undergraduate degree course.  You can check the entry requirements for your preferred university as well as tracking an existing application.  The number is there to check for application submission deadlines as well as some courses, such as medicine, have earlier expiration dates.
If you want to get technical help to use their website, you can call this line.  This includes resetting your ID and password for the site. If you are having trouble sending a personal statement or university choices through the site, then use this number to get help.
If you find you don’t get the exam results you were hoping for to get your first or second choice university, you can use this line to find out what your options are.  Thousands of places are offered each year through the clearing system and this might be a great solution for you.
If you call UCAS from a landline or mobile, the call will cost the same as ringing any 01 or 02 local number.  This means an access charge plus a standard per minute call. If you have free minutes on your line, you can usually ring the number for free.  Lines are open from 8-6 weekdays and may extend the hours around deadline dates and after exam results time.

Contact UCAS from outside the UK – +44 330 333 0230

If you need to ring UCAS from outside the UK, then use +44 330 333 0230.  This line is great if you are on holiday and need to talk to them urgently about a matter relating to your education.  If you are living outside the UK and are planning to study here, you can also use this line. Please be aware that calls will cost more than ringing from inside the UK.

Complain to UCAS – 0371 468 0468

If you want to make a complaint about your dealing with UCAS, you can ring 0371 468 0468.  This line lets you complain about issues such as the website not working and missing a deadline.  You can also complain about staff handling when you have called them. You can send the complaint in writing to the below address and also by email to complaints@ucas.ac.uk

UCAS Customer Complaints Team,


New Barn Lane,


GL52 3LZ,

United Kingdom.

Apply for a postgraduate course – 0371 334 4447

If you want to talk to UCAS about the UKPASS service for postgraduate courses, call 0271 334 4447.  The process is that you apply directly to the university for masters and doctorate degrees, but you can apply for some through UCAS, including performing arts.  This line can also help with personal statement queries and mistakes in submitting grades.

Postgraduate teacher training – 0371 468 0469

If you want to talk to the teacher training department of UCAS, ring 0371 468 0469.  This line handles applying for PGCE or similar courses to obtain a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  You can select courses based on various constraints such as placement focused colleges or university-led courses.

UCAS Progress – 0371 468 2568

If you want to talk to the post-16 education team at UCAS, called Progress, you can ring 0371 468 2568.  This line helps you when you have completed your GCSEs including finding academic A-Level courses and vocational apprenticeships to learn a trade.  You can find out about dates for submissions, contacting colleges and updating your information on an application.

Conservatoire applications – 0371 468 0470

To apply to a conservatoire, you can ring UCAS on 0371 468 0470.  This line helps with personal statements for performing arts institutions and how to submit your previous creative work to support this.  You can also use the line to check entry requirements for each course.

Vital UCAS contact numbers

Undergraduate enquiries & complaints 0371 468 0468 +44 330 333 0230
Postgraduate courses 0371 334 4447 +44 330 333 0235
Teacher training enquiries 0371 468 0469 +44 330 333 0231
UCAS Progress 0371 468 2568 +44 371 468 2568
Conservatoire applications 0371 468 0470 +44 330 333 0232

Alternative ways to get in touch with UCAS

If you want to get in touch with UCAS, then the phone is the main option but there are other ways to get in touch.  These include in writing, email, via the website and via social media platforms.

Write to UCAS

You can send paperwork and other applications to UCAS in writing via their main UK postal address.  Please be aware that this may delay their acting on your correspondence as it takes longer. And don’t send sensitive data like ID documents in the post.



New Barn Lane,



GL52 3LZ,

United Kingdom.

Email UCAS

You can use the main email address for UCAS feedback@ucas.ac.uk for general queries but not to apply for a university.  Use the telephone lines or social media profiles for this purpose.

UCAS social media

You can get in touch with UCAS across the main social media platforms and you can message their customer service staff through their profiles to get help and advice.

Message UCAS on their Facebook profile


Send UCAS a tweet through Twitter


Check out recent posts on the UCAS Google+ page


Watch helpful university application tips on UCAS’ YouTube channel


Find out more about UCAS on their LinkedIn page


Check out pictures on the UCAS Instagram feed


Check out pinned posts on the UCAS Pinterest page


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