TalkTalk Contact Number: 0870 042 1121

0161 333 0004

TalkTalk Contact Number

Calls are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

TalkTalk Customer Services – 0345 172 0088

You can speak to the main TalkTalk team on either 0345 172 0088 or 0870 042 1121.  These lines are there to offer technical support for your online account, your services or other problems you have encountered.  You can also use it to set up a change of address for your services. If you have problems with a phone, broadband, email or TV, then call 0345 172 0088.  Or if you need to notify that an account holder has passed away, then call 0345 172 0088. You can also change your appointment time by ringing this number.

Lines are open from 8am until 7pm 7 days a week.  Calls are free from a TalkTalk landline or mobile while will cost standard local rates from other provider’s lines.  From mobiles, if you have inclusive calls they may be free but check with your provider about this first.

TalkTalk New Line Installation – 0345 172 0039

If you want to talk to the new line installation service, call 0345 172 0039.  If you are a new customer and want to activate your new number, call 0345 172 0039.  This line also handles queries about when a contract expires or if you need to cancel an order.

Talk 2 Go – 0345 172 0042

Talk 2 Go is the technical support for the Talk 2 Go ap and is available on 0345 172 0042.  This line lets you get help and troubleshooting advice as well as app billing information. You can also ring it to set up billing and the service when you join TalkTalk.

TalkTalk Mobile – 0345 172 0044

You can speak to the TalkTalk mobile customer services team on 0345 172 0044.  This line is for general enquiries around your mobile phone, get assistance if you have a lost or stolen phone or technical support with a PIN or PUK code.  You can even ring if you are having trouble inserting your SIM card into a new phone and need assistance. If you want to check the coverage for TalkTalk in your area, you can visit which will also tell you if the network is experiencing problems in your area.

The lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to report a lost or stolen mobile phone.  For other queries, it is open from 8am until 7pm. If you call from a TalkTalk mobile, the calls will be free and will cost the same as other local UK calls from other provider’s lines.

Join TalkTalk – 0800 049 7832

If you want to talk to TalkTalk about joining one of their services, call free on 0800 049 7832.  This line can help with quotes or information for the service you need. All calls are free, and lines are open from 8am until 7pm every day.

Complain to TalkTalk – 0345 172 0088

If you want to complain to TalkTalk, then you can call 0345 172 0088.  This line will then take details and see who is best to speak to regarding your complaint.  You can also ring the complaints line directly if you know who you need to speak to on 0870 444 1820 for landline, broadband or TV services.  Or if you want to complain about your mobile, ring 0870 087 8751. If you are ringing from a line that isn’t a TalkTalk one, called are charged at business rates for the 0870 numbers which are higher than local call rates.  You can also send details to the complaints email address at or in writing by posting details to:

  • Customer Relations Department,
  • TalkTalk Group,
  • P.O. Box 346,
  • Southampton,
  • SO30 2PW,
  • United Kingdom.

If you are unhappy with the response from TalkTalk, you can speak to a manager at the team.  If you are still unhappy, you can escalate your complaint to the CEO’s office by writing to:

  • Head of Complaints,
  • CEO’s Office,
  • TalkTalk Group,
  • P.O. Box 344,
  • Unit 19,
  • Southampton,
  • SO30 2NP,
  • United Kingdom.

Should you still be dissatisfied with the response from the CEO, you can contact the telecoms industry ombudsman with the details.  You can use the contact details below to contact them:

Phone: 0330 440 1614
Post: Ombudsman Services,


PO Box 730,


WA4 6WU,

United Kingdom.

Full List of TalkTalk Phone Numbers & Online Contact Details

General Customer Services 0345 172 0088
TalkTalk New Phone Line Installation 0345 172 0039
Talk 2 Go app 0345 172 0042
TalkTalk Mobile 0345 172 0044

Join TalkTalk (new customer) 0800 049 7832
Make a TalkTalk Complaint 0345 172 0088

Alternative Ways to Contact TalkTalk


If you want to get in touch with TalkTalk, there are a variety of different options.  You can visit the web page at where you can find live chat options, email addresses, phone numbers and help pages.

Write to TalkTalk

If you want to send details of issues or other correspondence to TalkTalk, do so by posting it to:

  • TalkTalk Correspondence Dept.,
  • P.O. Box 346,
  • Southampton,
  • SO30 2PW,
  • United Kingdom.

TalkTalk Social Media

TalkTalk is a modern telecommunications company and that means it has a presence on all the main social media sites.  You can find them at:


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