South West Water Contact Number: 0344 346 2020

0161 333 0004

South West Water Contact Number

Calls are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

If you want to contact South West Water, you can ring 0344 346 2020.  This is a general enquiries line that handles problems with your water supply, your bills or to report a leak or a water emergency.

General enquiries and emergencies – 0344 346 2020

You can call South West Water on 0344 346 2020.  This is a general line that handles issues around water and sewerage services.  This means the line can offer quotes for their tariff rates and other pricing queries.
If you have a water leak or other problem that they would handle, you can report it via this number.  This includes water not running or being dirty. You can also report external issues if they are the company that covers your area.  An engineer will be sent out who will have an ID badge to confirm they are from South West Water. Always make sure you see this before letting anyone into your home.
Lines are open from 8-6 weekdays for normal enquiries but there is a 24-emergency facility on the line.  Calls cost the same as ringing other local rate numbers and if you have free minutes on your contract, then the call will likely be free.  If not, you will pay a per-minute fee plus an access charge as set by your line provider.

Textphone helpline – 0800 169 9965

If you use a textphone or any other minicom device, you can ring 0800 169 9965 to speak to the company via these devices.

South West Water – general enquiry phone number

General enquiries
General enquiries – textphone users
Report a water leak 0800 230 0561
Meter installation queries 0800 083 4301

Billing enquiries – 0344 346 1010

You can speak to the billing department of South West Water by calling 0344 346 1010.  This might be if you have been overcharged on your bill or there is a fault with your water meter.  They will often send an engineer in the latter case to check the meter and if there is a meter fault, you may be due compensation.  The line handles queries such as what to do if you are moving to a new house or have a final bill to settle. You can also use it to change your bank details, payment date or other information.  You can switch your payment method here as well. The team is UK-based and available from 8-6 weekdays, 9-1 Saturdays and is closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

South West Water billing phone numbers – at a glance

Account queries (all) 0344 346 1010
Change an estimated meter reading 0800 083 4247
Debt helpline (payment problems) 0800 083 0283

South West Water head office and complaints – 01392 44 66 88

If you want to complain to South West Water about the service you have received, call 01392 44 66 88.  You might have been overcharged, had persistent faults that aren’t being sorted or be unhappy at the way a member of staff handled your query.  This line will examine the issue and let you know if you are eligible for compensation. You can also send details writing if you prefer although this will take longer than using the phone.  The address is:

South West Water Limited,

Peninsula House,

Rydon Lane,



EX2 7HR,

United Kingdom.

South West Water Business – 0344 406 8053

If you want to talk to the business team at South West Water, then call 0344 409 8053.  This team handles queries around your business water supply, billing or to notify of a change of location.  If you need to change the account information or payment information, ring this line. You can even talk to them about their range of certified training courses to help employees with systems and water management and maintenance.  For queries in writing, send to:

South West Water Business,

PO Box 9136,


BH11 0GF,

United Kingdom.

South West Water contact numbers – in depth

General enquiries and emergencies 0344 346 2020
General enquiries and emergencies – textphone users 0800 169 9965
General enquiries and emergencies – report a water leak in your property 0800 230 0561
General enquiries and emergencies – meter installation queries 0800 083 4301
South West Water billing – account queries 0344 346 1010
South West Water billing – change an estimated meter reading 0800 083 4247
South West Water billing – debt helpline (payment problems) 0800 083 0283
Head office and complaints (all) 01392 44 66 88
South West Water Business Customers 0344 406 8053

Alternative ways to contact South West Water

If you want to look for other ways to contact South West Water apart from on the phone, then you can use their alternative contact options.  These range from postal addresses to email and social media accounts.

Write to South West Water

You can always put details of your issue or complaint in writing to the company.  This might take longer than other options and never send personal or sensitive data in the post.  The main address for the company is:

South West Water,

PO Box 4762,


BN11 9NT,

United Kingdom.

Email South West Water

You can visit South West Water’s website and access the contact form to send an email about your query.  There are also live chat options where you can talk to someone online from the customer services team. Simply visit

Connect with South West Water on social media

If you want to use social media to get in touch or to see the latest information from South West Water, you can find them on all the major social media sites.  See below for their different profiles:

Reach out to South West Water on Facebook

Check out posts on the South West Water Google+ page

Send a Tweet to their helpdesk on Twitter

Watch promotional videos on the South West Water YouTube channel

Check out their company profile page via LinkedIn

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