Guide to 05 Numbers

Guide to 05 Numbers

What is a 05 number?

There are two types of 05 numbers, 055 and 056. The former is the corporate numbering system and the latter is used for VoIP numbering. These are non-standard numbers, which means there is no standard rate for calling them.

These two types of numbers were introduced for use by large companies and organisations which need a large block of telephone numbers that aren’t linked to any geographical location. In reality, not many organisations use this method and many prefer to use non-geographical numbers such as 08 or 03.

Prior to June 2017, the 0550 dialling code was used for freephone numbers but this was phased out in favour of the 08 dialling code. All companies using the 0550 number were offered a 0808 5 number which was one digit longer but the last six digits remained the same as their 0550 number.

What is 055 corporate numbering?

All 055 numbers are used for corporate numbering systems. The phone number was introduced as a way for companies to buy up blocks of individual phone numbers which could then be used for internal phone networks throughout the country. They are not linked to any geographical location, so the 055 number is ideal for this use.

In reality, not many companies adopted the 055 dialling code for their internal phone networks. Instead, companies will often buy up blocks of sequential geographical numbers in an area with lots of spare capacity. Use of the 055 numbers is quite rare as many companies prefer to use 03 or 08 numbers.

Current 055 numbers in use include:

  • 05511
  • 05516
  • 05555
  • 05588

What is 056 VoIP numbering?

All 056 numbers are used by VoIP services. If you receive a call from a 056 number, it is from a VoIP service. VoIP is another name for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it is used as an alternative to a traditional landline. If you have a strong internet connection, you can use this instead of a landline. This will result in using one of following 056 number variants:

  • 05600
  • 05601
  • 05602
  • 05603

Since 2004, VoIP services have also been able to use the standard 01 and 02 area codes. These are often preferred over 056 numbers as they are more recognisable.

How much does it cost to call a 05 number?

The cost to call 05 numbers will vary depending on your network provider, how you are calling, your location and the time of day. Before calling a 055 or 056 number, you should check with your provider if the number is included in any free minutes plans.

These numbers are considered non-standard, which means not all 05 numbers will be charged in the same way. Some 05 numbers are charged the same as a geographical landline and some are not. All companies are required to comply with BT’s pricing for calls to 05 numbers, so checking with BT on the price of a call is the best place to start.