09 Numbers

09 Numbers

Any UK phone number which starts with the digits 09 falls under the category of service numbers. These are numbers which are charged at a higher rate than geographical and non-geographical landlines such as 01, 02 or 03 numbers. These numbers are subject to a service charge in addition to the access charge. This means that the owner of the phone number will make money on every call that they receive.

As these numbers are a way to make money, they are commonly used for the following types of phone numbers:

  • Chargeable information lines
  • Chargeable support lines
  • Horoscopes and fortune telling
  • Competitions and prize draws
  • TV and radio voting lines
  • Telephone dating and chat
  • Adult entertainment services

How much does it cost to call 09 numbers?

The cost to call a 09 phone number will vary depending on the number you are calling. It is the responsibility of the phone number owner to inform callers how much the call will cost. Calls to 09 numbers are premium rate calls services and will be charged an access fee in addition to a service fee.

In general, the cost of a 09 number service charge can be up to £3.60 per minute or up to £6 per call. This fee will be payable to the phone number owner and will often be used to pay for the service. This is in addition to the access charge which is payable to the phone company provider.

In general, many 09 phone number providers charge much less than the maximum amount outlined above. However, it’s important to check before making a call as the costs can quickly add up.

Types of 09 number and uses

The format of the number can tell you a little bit about what the number is used for, in particular, if it is used for adult or sexual content.

Number Prefix Uses
0900, 0901, 0902, 0904, 0905, 0906, 0907 Regular premium rate services
0908, 0909 Premium rate services with adult content
0911, 0912, 0913 Regular premium rate services
0982, 0983, 0984, 0989 Premium rate services with adult content

Regulation of 09 numbers

Any 09 number that charges a service fee more than 7p per minute or 7p per call will be subject to regulation by the Phone-paid Services Authority. The Phone-paid Services Authority also regulates any phone number which is used for chat lines and any adult services, including anything of a sexual nature. Their website can help callers to identify the owner of a phone number and the actual cost of calling the number.

If you notice a company has charged more than the advertised amount for a call to a premium rate 09 number, you can report them to the Phone-paid Services Authority. You can also report any phone number owner which fails to accurately advertise the cost of calls to their 09 number.  If you have fallen victim to a call or text scam originating from a 09 premium rate number you can also contact Phone-paid Services Authority.