0871 Numbers

0871 Numbers

What is a 0871 number?

The 0871 dialling code is a non-geographical premium rate phone number. This means that is isn’t linked to any location in the UK. All calls to numbers starting with 0871 are charged at a premium rate which makes them popular as a way to make money from a phone number.

The rates to call a 0871 number are set by the owner of the phone number and can, therefore, vary between different numbers. It is the responsibility of the phone number owner to let callers know how much the call will cost them. As there is the potential to make money from 0871 phone numbers they are very popular with the following types of companies:

  • Chargeable information and support lines
  • Event ticketing and travel booking services
  • Conference calls
  • Pre-sales information lines
  • Horoscopes, tarot and fortune telling lines
  • Adult entertainment
  • Chat and dating lines

Companies are no longer allowed to use the 0871 dialling code for post-sales customer services lines. Many companies moved away from using them for their main customer services lines as they are so unpopular with consumers.

How much does it cost to call 0871 numbers?

Calls to 0871 numbers will vary depending on who owns the phone number. As a rule, the call will be charged a dual rate. This includes an access fee which is payable to the phone provider followed by a service fee which is payable to the phone number owner.

The access fee can vary a lot, costing anything between 12p per minute from a landline to 55p per minute from a mobile device. On top of this fee, the call will also be charged a service fee, which can be up to 13p per minute, 13p per call or both.

The phone number owner is responsible for letting callers know how much the call will cost. In some situations, the cost of the call might be much higher. For example, if you are calling from a hotel phone the call may be subject to a further surcharge. This is because hotels often add their own additional fee for making calls. So calling a premium rate number from a hotel phone could be much more expensive.

Calls to 0871 numbers will also be excluded from any free call allocation you might have from your mobile phone or landline provider. This is because 0871 phone numbers are premium rate numbers with a service charge.

Regulation of 0871 numbers

All 0871 phone numbers which have a service charge of more than 7p per minute or 7p per call are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority. If you are charged more than the advertised amount for a call to a 0871 phone number, the Phone-paid Services Authority will be able to advise you on your next steps. If a company is failing to advertise the cost of their calls, you can also contact the Phone-paid Services Authority for guidance.

All 0871 phone numbers function the same, regardless of the next digit in the phone number. Popular variations include 08710, 08711, 08717 and 08718.