0843 Numbers

0843 Numbers

What is a 0843 number?

The 0843 dialling code is a specialist service code which is not linked to any geographical region in the UK. They are typically charged at higher rates than normal landline phone numbers and have become very unpopular with consumers.

Many companies have phased out the use of the 0843 phone number for their main phone number and it is now against the law to use this type of phone number for post-sales customer services lines. However, some organisations still use these service charge numbers. Some examples of uses for 0843 numbers include:

  • Information and support lines
  • Conference call dial-in service
  • Ticketing and travel booking service lines
  • Pre-sale customer service

How much does it cost to call a 0843 number?

Calls to 0843 phone numbers are charged at a dual rate, which means callers pay an access fee for the cost of the phone call and then an additional service charge. The access fee is paid to the phone company while the service charge is paid to the organisation you are calling.

The access fee can cost as much as 55p per minute from a mobile and the service charge can be as much as 7p per minute, 7p per call or a combination of the two. As a result of the service charge, many reputable companies have now phased out the use of the 0843 phone number as it has proven so unpopular with consumers.

What if I receive a missed call from a 0843 number?

A common and low-value scam involves the owners of 0843 phone numbers buying up phone number lists and then calling thousands of mobile phone numbers simultaneously.

The desired end result is that the person has a missed call and then calls back out of curiosity. The caller is then connected to a longer recorded message or even a longer recorded dialling tone to keep them on the line for as long as possible. The easiest way to avoid falling victim to this scam is to never return a call from a 0843 number.

Scams using 0843 numbers

Since companies are now forbidden from using 0843 phone numbers for post-sales customer service, a common scam is to use money-making websites to masquerade as the official phone number. If you find a customer support number that starts with 0843 it’s important to check on the official website that this is the correct number.

Some money-making websites use 0843 numbers to lure in people looking for the correct contact number for an organisation. While the call might connect to the organisation as expected, the service fee will be paid to the third-party organisation, not the one you are calling. This can mean you end up paying much more for calls which should be normal geographical landline rates or even free.

There is added risk in that the third party could also be listening in to the call or recording it, which is an obvious security risk if you are sharing any personal information. The easiest way to avoid this scam is to double check the phone number you are trying to reach on the official website.