070 Personal Numbers

070 Personal Numbers

What are 070 personal numbers?

Numbers starting with 070 are a type of mobile phone number also know as personal numbers or follow me numbers. This is a very specific type of mobile phone number which is used for a number of reasons. These numbers are most often used for call forwarding, or as a temporary number. They are useful for companies which want to give out a single number and then forward the call to a different mobile number as required.

070 numbers for call forwarding

One of the most popular uses for 070 personal numbers is call forwarding for businesses. The most common way to use this is for the company to publish a single 070 number and then forward the call to different numbers as required. For example, during out of office hours, the call can be forwarded to an emergency line or an answering machine. Likewise, during office hours, the call can be forwarded to different mobile phones, such as shift supervisor or whoever is on call.

Individuals can also use 070 numbers to set up call forwarding in a specific order. For example, they may want their office phone, home phone and then mobile phone to ring in that order. This is made possible with a 070 personal number.

070 for temporary numbers

Another popular use for 070 numbers is for temporary numbers. If a person is selling an item on a classifieds website and they don’t want to share their personal contact details, a 070 number can be used instead. The 070 number will remain active for the duration of the listing and be deactivated once the item has sold. This will ensure the seller doesn’t have continue receiving calls long after the item has sold and their details won’t be added to any telemarketing lists.

How much does it cost to call a 070 number?

While they may appear to be an ordinary 07 mobile number, the 070 code is different from any other mobile phone or pager numbers. Calls to these numbers vary depending on the network provider.

While they might look like normal mobile phone numbers, they cost to call these numbers can vary wildly and they are not included in any free minute plans or call allowances.

As an indication, here are some of the cost ranges for calls to 070 personal numbers across landline and mobile phone networks:

BT Landline – from 6p to 43p p/minute

Sky Landline – from 4p to 51p p/minute

Virgin Media landline – from 6p to 51p p/minute

EE mobile – from 35p to 75p p/minute

O2 mobile – from 55p to 66p p/minute

Vodafone mobile – 45p p/minute

Is 070 a spam number?

There have been issues over the years with spammers using 070 numbers for nuisance calls. The most common scam involves luring mobile phone users into calling 070 numbers with missed calls. Victims think the cost to call the number is free, like any other mobile phone number, when in reality the call costs up to £1.50 per minute. In order to combat this, Ofcom changed the rules regarding profit sharing from premium rate calls. This made it more difficult for spammers to profit from nuisance calls.