0372 Numbers

0372 Numbers

What is a 0372 number?

The 0372 dialling code is a non-geographical landline number which is used by government bodies, businesses, nonprofits and charitable organisations throughout the UK. This type of number allows organisations to enjoy all of the benefits of a landline number without being linked to any particular area.

All 03 numbers behave the same way, no matter which digits follow the 03. The 03 dialling code was introduced in 2007 by Ofcom as an alternative to 08 numbers. The cost for dialling a 08 number varies, but the cost to call a 0372 number always remains the same, regardless of whether you are calling from a mobile phone or a landline.

How much does it cost to call 0372 numbers?

Calls to 0372 numbers are charged at two different rates, the first is a fee for connecting the call and the second is a fee for the duration of the call. This means that the longer the call, the higher the cost.

Many phone providers now include free minutes to certain phone numbers at set times, or as part of a monthly phone call package. As the 0372 dialling code behaves like a normal local landline, you can use your free minutes to dial these numbers. If you run out of minutes, you will be charged the normal rate for a landline phone call.

Can I call a 0372 number from outside the UK?

If you are outside the UK and need to call a 0372 number, you may be able to do this by amending the number to include the international dialling code. The dialling code for the UK is +44 or 0044. To use this code, you call the international dialling code and then omit the first zero from the phone number, then dial the rest of the number as usual. Some 0372 numbers will not accept calls from outside the UK and you will need to find an alternative number.

Is 0372 a freephone number?

No, 0372 is not a freephone number. It is charged at the same rate as any other landline number, regardless of whether or not the caller is using a landline or a mobile phone.