0370 Numbers

0370 Numbers

What is a 0370 number?

The 0370 dialling code is a non-geographical code which is used by many government bodies and charitable organisations. Unlike the 01 and 02 dialling code, the 0370 code gives companies access to a landline number without being linked to any area in the UK. This is useful for companies which have offices throughout the UK but want to be able to offer a uniform service no matter where a person is calling from.

All 03 numbers behave the same way no matter what number follows the 03. They are all treated the same as landline numbers regardless of where in the UK you are calling from. Most phone companies will include calls to landlines for free within their call plans and call bundles, so calls to 0370 numbers will often be free.

How much does it cost to call a 0370 number?

Since 0370 numbers are treated the same as landline numbers, it should cost the same to call a 0370 number as it would cost to call a 0121 number, for example. The call will be charged a connection fee and then a duration fee. If you are calling from a UK home or business landline, you may have free calls to landlines included, or you may get a number of free minutes per month. If you are calling from a mobile phone, you will be able to use your free minutes included in your monthly call bundle to call a 0370 number.

Can I call a 0370 number from outside the UK?

Some 0370 numbers will allow calls from outside the UK. An alternative number should be provided if not. In order to call a 0370 number from outside the UK, you will need to add the international dialling code for the UK, which is +44 or 0044. You will then need to omit the first zero of the phone number and then dial the rest as normal.

Is 0370 a freephone number?

0370 numbers are not freephone numbers, but nor are they premium rate numbers. Calls to 0370 numbers are charged at the same rate as any other landline number. Depending on your individual call package, you may have free calls to 0370 included as standard.