0332 Numbers

0332 Numbers

What is a 0332 number?

0332 numbers are non-geographical landline numbers used by government bodies and charitable organisations. They are charged at the same rate as a geographical landline but without being linked to any particular area. This is helpful for companies that want to be accessible and offer a universal phone number.

No matter where in the UK you are calling from, the call will be charged at the same rate. 0332 numbers are similar to all other 03 numbers, no matter what digit follows the 03. If a number starts in 03, it is a non-geographical landline number and you will always be charged the same rate.

How much does it cost to call a 0332 number?

As 0332 numbers are charged the same as any other geographical landline phone number. This means that if you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone within the UK, you will always be charged the same amount.

If your phone provider offers free minutes to landlines, you will be able to use these to call 0332 numbers. If your mobile phone provider offers a certain number of free minutes as part of a talktime bundle, you will be able to use these to call 0332 numbers. Otherwise, you will be charged the same amount as any other landline call.

Can I call a 0332 number from outside the UK?

Some 0332 numbers will accept calls from outside the UK, but you will need to amend the dialling code to include the country code. The international dialling code for the UK is +44, so you will need to dial this first and then omit the first zero from the phone number.

Is 0332 a freephone number?

No, 0332 numbers are not a freephone number. However, many phone network providers will include calls to these numbers in their call plans. If you are unsure if you have free calls to 0332 numbers included with your phone plan, you should contact your provider. Even if you do not have free calls included, you will only be charged the same rate as a landline call, as 0332 numbers are not premium rate numbers.