Gumtree Contact Number: 0208 605 3325

0800 731 0469

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Get in touch with the classifieds website Gumtree by calling their London head office on 0208 605 3325. Find out about how to place an ad, raise a dispute with a seller to find out how to return faulty items.


Customer services – 0208 605 3325

Customers can reach the Gumtree customer service line by calling their UK head office number on 0208 605 3325. This phone line should be used for enquiries about placing an advert and how to use the service. You can post an advert for anything from pets to cars, so get in touch if you need to find out how the website works.

Similarly, this number is suitable for confirming if an advert is genuine. If you are concerned that an advert might be a scam, call 0208 605 3325 to report the seller. Further to this, if you have already been the victim of a scammer or fraudster and have been sold faulty items, you can get in touch with Gumtree. They will be able to advise you on the next steps you should take in order to raise a dispute.

And finally, users can call this number to get support on their accounts. For example, if you are struggling to access your account, the team can help. They can talk you through the password reset process. If you need to update your address, you can also call this number so that your adverts appear in the right locations. This could save you a lot of money on extra delivery charges.


Complaints – 0208 605 3325

Users can make an official complaint to Gumtree by calling 0208 605 3325. This customer service number should be used to report scam sellers on the platform. For example, if you have purchased an item and you have been given something that does not match the description, report this to Gumtree. Likewise, if you are selling an item through Gumtree and a buyer is refusing to pay the full amount, you can get in touch on 0208 605 3325.

Complaints can also be related to the conduct of Gumtree staff. If a customer service representative has been rude to you over the phone, complain using the number above. If you are unhappy with how an issue has been resolved you can also lodge a complaint.

Alternatively, if you would rather put your complaint in writing, you can send a letter to their London head office. Gumtree has a specific address for the complaints department so make sure you direct your letter to the correct place. You can send disputes and documents relevant to your complaint to the following address.

Complaints Department,
5 New Street Square,
United Kingdom.


Business enquiries – 0203 5800 500

If you use Gumtree for your business, you can use their dedicated business line. To reach the business enquiries team, call 0203 5800 500. This line should be used by companies wishing to place regular adverts on the classifieds website. You can also find out about how your adverts are performing on the site. If you would like to advertise on Gumtree, you should call the number above. And finally, if your business has changed any important information or changed ownership, you should inform Gumtree. They can update your address if you move premises. 


All Gumtree contact numbers at a glance

Use the numbers listed below to reach the relevant department for your needs.



Customer service & complaints

0208 605 3325

Business enquiries

0203 5800 500


Other ways you can contact Gumtree

In addition to a comprehensive phone support department, you can also reach Gumtree by email, post and social media. Their website also features a live chat function, although this is not always active.  

Send an email to Gumtree

If you don’t want to call Gumtree you can direct enquiries and complaints to their primary email address. Their official address is

This email address should be used for disputes related to items sold on the site. If you are raising a dispute with a seller or buyer and want to provide evidence, you can send it to this email address.

The help section of the website is comprehensive and features lots of information about how to solve many common problems. This should be the first place you look when trying to solve any problems related to the site. You can also use the live chat feature.

Postal address

Send a letter to Gumtree in support of your complaint or grievance using the address listed below. Remember that email is the slowest form of support. If your issue is urgent, you should reach out to Gumtree using the phone, live chat or email. Alternately, you can use the London address listed below.

5 New Street Square,
United Kingdom.

Find Gumtree on social media

Gumtree is very active on social media and recognises the power to connect with their users and followers. Social media is also a great way to reach out to customer service or to get advice from fellow Gumtree users. You can find Gumtree on the following popular social media sites. You will need an account to be able to contact the company on these platforms.

See the latest posts from Gumtree on Facebook.

Follow Gumtree on Twitter.

See the latest company updates and career opportunities on LinkedIn.

See the latest Gumtree videos on YouTube.

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