Google Contact Number: 0800 328 6081

0800 731 0469

google contact number

Calls are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

Google store support – 0800 328 6081

You can contact the Google Play store by calling 0800 328 6081. This number should be used if you need technical support with an app that you have purchased from the Google Play Store. You can also call this customer service number for troubleshooting help and to find out more about the range of Google products available, including Chrome laptops and the Google Pixel phone.

If you have made an order from Google, you can use this customer support number to track your order, get delivery updates, rearrange a delivery time or cancel your order. If you are trying to complete an order on the Google store, you can also call this number for support and to make your order over the phone.

And finally, if your card has been charged by the Google Play Store and you don’t recognise the transaction, you can use this support number to get in touch with Google. If you have been overcharged, or charged twice for a purchase, such as an in-app purchase, you’ll also be able to arrange a refund. Likewise, if a child has mistakenly made an in-app purchase. If you contact Google they can often reverse the transaction.

Google account support – 0800 328 6081

If you need help with your Google account, you can contact their technical helpline on 0800 328 6081. This number should be used if you are having trouble accessing your Gmail account, if you cannot send emails or if you believe someone has fraudulently gained access to your account. This customer support line will be able to assist you if you have forgotten your email address or password. If someone has taken control of your account they will also be able to block the account and prevent further damage.

Google Play Store gift cards – 0800 328 6081

If you would like to purchase a Google Play Store gift card, you can call  0800 328 6081. This support number will allow you to purchase gift cards, top up an existing card and get help if your card isn’t working for online purchases. You can also use this phone number to report and block lost or stolen gift cards to protect the remaining balance.

Nest troubleshooting – 0800 026 1478

If you use a Nest smart home device and need technical support call 0800 026 1478. Nest customer can call Google to get technical support with their remote heating controllers. Nest also offers smart home products such as CCTV and alarm systems. If you’re interested in any of these products or need support with existing products you should contact Google on the number above.

G Suite – 0800 169 0455

If you are a Google business user and you use the G Suite range of products, you can call 0800 169 0455 for support. G Suite is also known as Google Apps and includes things like Google Drive and Gmail. If you are having trouble accessing accounts, creating new accounts or accessing your drive, contact customer support.

Google can also help with training new employees in how to use your company G Suite, including Gmail, Calendar and file-sharing on the cloud-based Google Drive. If you are using the developer API and need technical support, you can contact Google on 0800 169 0455. This helpline is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Google Ads – 0800 169 0409

Formerly known as Google Adwords, Google Ads is the advertising arm of Google. If you use the Google Pay Per Click or Display Marketing products and need support, you can call 0800 169 0409. If you are having trouble with billing, need to query an item on your invoice or if you have been overcharged for a campaign, get in touch with Google Ads.

This support line can also be used to get help in setting up your accounts. If you are new to Google Ads and want to make sure you are setting up your accounts correctly, you should contact the Google Ads customer support line.  If you have lost access to your account, you can get in touch with the Google Ads team for support.

Google Head office & complaints – 020 7031 3000

If you would like to contact the head office for Google, you can call them on 020 7031 3000. This is the London head office phone number which can be used to make official complaints. If you aren’t sure which department you need to speak to, you should start with this phone number as they will be able to direct you to the right department.

This number can also be used to make complaints about specific Google products. If you are unhappy with anything from a physical product like the Chromebook to an online product such as Google Ads, you can direct your complaints to this phone line. If you would rather put your complaint in writing, you can also contact them by mail. Use the following address to send official complaints:

Complaints Department,

Google UK Ltd,

Belgrave House,

76 Buckingham Palace Road,



United Kingdom.

Official Google UK contact numbers

Customer support – including Play Store 0800 328 6081
Nest 0800 026 1478
G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) 0800 169 0455
Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) 0800 169 0409
Head office and complaints 020 7031 3000

Alternative ways to contact Google

As Google is a huge company with offices all over the world, it’s not surprising that there are a number of ways to contact them. If you would rather not phone Google, you can contact them by mail or on their social media accounts.

Email Google

If you would like to contact Google by email you can follow the directions on their website. You can also use this to request a callback or use the live web chat to answer your questions.

Postal address

If you would prefer to contact Google by mail, you can send letters and complaints to the following address. You should be aware that sending a letter will be much slower and there are faster ways to get a response.

Google UK Ltd,

Belgrave House,

76 Buckingham Palace Road,



United Kingdom.

Connect with Google on social media

Google are very active on social media and also use these platforms to offer customer support. Remember not to share any sensitive information over social media, including account login details and credit card details.

Follow Google on Facebook

Send Google a tweet or DM on Twitter

Follow company updates on LinkedIn

Watch their promotional and instructional videos on YouTube

Check out their updates and stories on Instagram

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