Typical Costs of Calling from a Mobile

When you ring a UK number from a mobile, costs are often different depending on the type of number you are calling.  There is also a lot of variation between different phone providers and even their different tariffs. So it is worth checking with your provider to see exactly what they charge for a call.  However, here is a general guide to the typical costs when calling from a mobile.

01, 02, 03

These are the local UK numbers with 01 and 02 being based in a geographical area.  When you normally call from a mobile, costs will be 30-55p a minute but if you have a free calls allowance on your contract, these numbers will usually be free to call.

055, 056

These lines are corporate or VOIP numbers and can cost from 10p a minute through to about 55p a minute from mobiles.  They are not included in free call allowances.

0344 Numbers


These numbers are known as personal numbers and costs call be 30-86p a minute and/or £1.22 a call depending on the provider.  They are not included in any free call allowances.

071, 072, 073, 074, 075, 077, 078, 079

These numbers are usually the UK’s mobile phone lines, so you are ringing another mobile with them.  Call costs are typically from 30p to 55p per minute depending on the network you are on and calling. Most contracts will include these calls in free calling plans.


076 numbers are for pagers and calls can cost from 30p to 86p a minute as well as a possible £1.22 charge per call.  They are not included in free call allowances.

0800, 0808

These are the freephone numbers, so it doesn’t matter what plan you are on, there is no charge to call them from mobiles or from landlines.

0843, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0872

These numbers are known as service numbers and including a per minute rate from 44-68p as well as a 13p connection charge.  They are not covered by free call plans.


09 numbers are premium rate numbers that cost anywhere from 44p a minute to £4.15 a minute plus a call connection charge of up to £6.  They are never included in any free call plan.

Call charges

These call costs are based on personal customer mobiles phones from December 2017.  If you ring a number starting 01481, 01534 or 01624 costs may be higher as these numbers are for the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.