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Budgeting Loans

Calls are charged at 7p for the first minute and then 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Callers must be over the age of 18.

Budgeting Loan Enquiries – 0345 603 6967

Budgeting Loans is a branch of HMRC that offers interest-free loans to certain individuals. These loans can help with anything from purchasing home appliances or to help with the costs associated with moving house. Only those who have been receiving benefits can access a budgeting loan.

You will need to phone the Department for Work and Pensions to get a budgeting loan. This is often done via the Jobcentre Plus on the local rate number 0345 603 6967. This helpline has information about how to apply for a loan. You can also find out how to pay back your loan. They will also tell you how much you are able to borrow and if you are eligible.

Budgeting loans are interest-free, so you don’t need to worry about paying back more than you initially borrowed. However, there are conditions attached to the loan. This includes what you can spend the money on and how much you can borrow. You can only get a budgeting loan if you or your partner are receiving certain benefits. You have to be receiving certain income-based benefits for 26-weeks before you are eligible for a budgeting loan. The Jobcentre Plus helpline for budgeting loans is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Crisis Loans – 0345 603 6967

In April 2013, crisis loans were replaced with budgeting loans and this affects the majority of the United Kingdom. Some local councils still accept applications for crisis loans, but this will depend on where you live. You can find out if you are eligible for a crisis grant by calling the Jobcentre plus on 0345 603 6967.

How To Apply for a Budgeting Loan

In order to apply for a budgeting loan, you will need to contact the Jobcentre Plus for a claims form. You can contact them on 0345 603 6967 and ask them to provide you with an SF500 form. This form is also available to download on the Department for Work and Pensions website.


You can request a claims form in English or Welsh. The Welsh form is known as the benthyciadau cyllidebu ffurflen hawlio and you can download it below.


Once you have completed the relevant form, you must return to to the Department of Work and Pensions. This address will vary depending on where you live. Find the correct address to send your form to below.

People living in London, South-East England, South England, North-East England and North-West England should send their claim form to
DWP Budgeting Loans,
United Kingdom.

People living in Scotland, South-West England and West Midlands should send their claim form to
DWP Budgeting Loans 1,
United Kingdom.

People living in East Midlands, Yorkshire, East England and Essex should send their claim form to
DWP Budgeting Loans 2,
United Kingdom

People living in Cwmbran, Newport and Welsh postcodes CF3, 5, 10, 11, 14, 15, 23, 24, 31-48, 61-64, 71, 72, 81-83, LD7, LL and SY should send their claim form to
DWP Budgeting Loans 1,
United Kingdom.

People living in Carmarthen, Llanelli and Welsh postcodes CF4, 6-9, 12, 13, 16-22, 25-30, 49-60, 65-70, 73-80, LD1-6 and LD8 should send their form to
DWP Budgeting Loans 2,
United Kingdom.

Appeal a budgeting loan decision

If you feel that your budgeting loan application is unfairly rejected, you can appeal the decision. You should complain to Jobcentre Plus by contacting their national phone number 0345 603 6967. Your application should then be reviewed and they may choose to overturn the decision.

If your original budgeting loan decision is not overturned, you can appeal again with an Independent Case Examiner. You will need to appeal in writing by sending a fax to the telecopying number 0151 221 6601. You can also complain by sending your letter to this address.

The Independent Case Examiner,
PO Box 209,
L20 7WA,
United Kingdom.

Contact your nearest Jobcentre Plus

The official advice is to contact the national Jobcentre Plus phone number in order to start your application for a budgeting loan. However, you might find it quicker to apply directly to your local Jobcentre Plus. You can find your local Jobcentre Plus by entering your postcode into the finder on this website. https://find-your-nearest-jobcentre.dwp.gov.uk/

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