Swindon Area Code 01793

Swindon Area Code: 01793

Swindon is a large town in the county of Wiltshire, halfway between Oxford and Reading. It has a population over of 182,000 and the residents of the town are known as Swindonians. The history of the town dates back to Anglo Saxon times where it was little more than a small settlement. The town was a small market town until 1848. Later, with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, the population grew after the expansion of the Wilts and Berks Canal.

The town is most famous for being a railway town, as the Swindon Railworks was constructed in the town for the maintenance of trains on the Great Western Railway. A village was built to house the workers and a museum to the time now sites on the site of the old works. Many Swindon residents are now employed b the large Honda car production plant. A number of other large organisations have offices and warehouses in the area, including W H Smiths and Dolby.

What is the Swindon area code?

The local dialling code for the Swindon area is 01793. This is a standard five-digit area code followed by a six-digit local phone number. This is a standard geographical dialling code used by all home and business landlines in the area.

Locations using the Swindon area code

The following locations in the Swindon area all use the 01793 area code.

Blunsdon Purton Toothill
Broad Hinton Royal Wootton Bassett Wanborough
Chiseldon Shrivenham Wroughton
Cricklade Stratton St Margaret
Highworth Swindon

If you receive a call from a phone number using the 01793 area code, it is highly likely that the call originated in the Swindon area. However, as there are new technologies available that can change your phone number, it isn’t guaranteed. The most popular method of changing a phone number is call forwarding or virtual offices. Both methods are used by small businesses as a way to have a local area phone number without a physical presence in the area. This means that not all calls from 01793 phone numbers will be from local Swindon addresses.

How much does it cost to call the 01793 area code?

The 01793 area code is a standard geographical landline number. This means that all phone calls will be charged at a standard rate. This rate will include a connection fee and then a duration fee, meaning that longer calls will be more expensive.

Many phone providers include free minutes in their phone packages or free calls at certain times such as evenings and weekends. Customers will be able to use these free minutes to call the Swindon area code.

Can I call the 01793 area code from outside the UK?

Yes, it is possible to call the Swindon area code from outside the UK. To do this, you will need to amend the phone number to include the international dialling code for the UK, which is +44 or 0044. To dial a Swindon area code phone number from outside the UK, you must first dial +44 or 0044. You then need to drop the first zero from the area code and then dial the rest of the phone number as normal.

Do I need to dial the Swindon area code for local calls?

This will depend on how you are making the phone call. If you are using a mobile phone or a landline not local to Swindon, then you will need to use the five-digit area code. If you are using a local phone number, you can drop the five-digit area code and just dial the six-digit local number. There are only a few regions in the UK where the local phone number is compulsory.

Popular numbers using the 01793 area code

Below are some popular Swindon attractions which use the 01793 area code as their main phone number:

National Trust Heelis – 01793 817400

Lydiard Park – 01793 466664

Swindon Art Gallery – 01793 466556