Rochdale Area Code 01706

Rochdale Area Code: 01706

Rochdale is a town in the Northwest of England which is part of the Greater Manchester region. Historically, it is part of the Lancashire region and rose to prominence thanks to the woollen trade.

Like many northern towns, Rochdale was a key part of the industrial revolution and was a centre for textile manufacturing in the 19th century. The Rochdale Canal, which runs 32 miles across the Pennines from Sowerby Bridge to Manchester, was commission by a group of men in Rochdale and it soon became a major highway of commerce for the textile trade.

Rochdale is also home to The Rochdale Pioneers Shop, which was the foundation of the Co-Operative Group, which is now the largest consumer cooperative in the world. Rochdale is a now a largely residential town and is popular with commuters who work in Manchester.

What is the Rochdale area code?

The dialling code for Rochdale is 01706. This is a standard five-digit area code followed by a six-digit local phone number. This is the same for home and business landlines throughout Rochdale.

Locations using the Rochdale area code

The following locations in the Rochdale area all use the 01706 area code.

Bacup Ramsbottom Shaw
Haslingden Rawtenstall Todmorden
Heywood Rochdale Whitworth
Littleborough Rossendale

If you receive a call from a phone number using the 01706 dialling code, it is highly likely that the call is from a home or business landline based in the Rochdale area. However, with modern technology it is possible to use an area code without any geographical link to the region, so using the 01706 area code isn’t a guarantee that the caller is located in the area.

How much does it cost to call the 01706 area code?

The Rochdale area code is a standard geographical landline and will, therefore, be charged at the same rate as any other 01, 02 or 03 phone number. Calls will typically be charged a connection fee followed by a duration fee, so longer calls are more expensive.

Some phone providers include a number of free minutes to certain numbers every month or free calls at set times. If you have free calls included in your phone plan, you will be able to use these to call the Rochdale area code.

Can I call the 01706 area code from outside the UK?

Many 01706 phone numbers will accept calls from outside the UK. In order to call a Rochdale phone number from outside the UK, you will need to amend the phone number to include the international dialling code.

To do this, you would first dial +44 or 0044 to direct the call to the UK, you would then omit the first zero from the Rochdale dialling code, leaving you with 1706 and then dial the rest of the phone number as normal. Calls from outside the UK will be more expensive than UK landline calls.

Do I need to dial the Rochdale area code for local calls?

If you are using a mobile phone or you are calling from outside the Rochdale area, you will need to dial the local area code. If you are calling from within the Rochdale area code then you do not need to use the Rochdale area code and can just call the six-digit local number. There are only a few areas in the UK that require the area code for local calls.

Popular numbers using the 01706 area code

The following are some of the most popular attractions in Rochdale which use the 01706 dialling code.

Whitworth Heritage Museum – 01706 344894

Rochdale Pioneers Museum – 01706 524920

Touchstones Rochdale – 01706 924492