Milton Keynes Area Code 01908

Milton Keynes Area Code: 01908

Milton Keynes is a new town located around 45 miles north-west of London. It was originally designed to help relieve some of the pressure on housing in London and the surrounding areas and was designed to be able to scale up to the size of a city if required. Milton Keynes, or MK as it is known to locals, is considered a huge success in terms of urban planning.

The town of Milton Keynes now has a population of around 230,000 and is a popular commuter town for those working in surrounding areas including London and Birmingham. Close to Milton Keynes is Bletchley Park which is famous for its involvement in code cracking in the Second World War. The site is now the home of The National Museum of Computing.

What is the Milton Keynes area code?

The area code for Milton Keynes is 01908. This is the same for home landlines and business landlines throughout the town. This five-digit area code is then followed by a six-digit local number. Milton Keynes is one of the few areas in the UK where the area code is compulsory for all local calls.

Locations using the Milton Keynes area code

The following locations in the Milton Keynes area all use the 01908 area code.

Bletchley Milton Keynes Stony Stratford
Bradwell Abbey Newport Pagnell Woburn Sands
Fenny Stratford Shenley Church End Wolverton
Hanslope Stoke Goldington Yardley Gobion

If you receive a call from a number using the 01908 area code, it is likely that the call is from a business or home landline based in the Milton Keynes region. However, with modern technology it is possible to use an area code without any geographical link to the region, so using the Milton Keynes are code isn’t a guarantee that the caller is located in the area.

How much does it cost to call the 01908 area code?

The Milton Keynes are code is like any other geographical landline and is charged at the same rate as 01, 02 and 03 phone numbers. Callers will be charged a connection fee followed by a fee for the duration of the call. Many phone providers include bundles of free minutes with their monthly plans or free calls at certain times. If your provider offers these types of free calls you will be able to use them to dial any number using the 01908 area code for Milton Keynes.

Can I call the 01908 area code from outside the UK?

Yes, most 01908 area code phone numbers will accept calls from outside the UK. In order to call the Milton Keynes are from outside the UK, you will need to adjust the phone number to include the international dialling code for the UK. To do this, you will need to add +44 or 0044 to the start of the phone number and then omit the first zero. So, to call the Milton Keynes number 01908 123456 from outside the UK you would dial +44 1908 123456 or 0044 1908 123456.

Do I need to dial the Milton Keynes area code for local calls?

Yes, Milton Keynes is one of the few regions in the UK where the local area code is required. From October 2014, the area code became mandatory as the area was running out of phone numbers. In order to free up numbers starting with 0 and 1, Ofcom decided that making the area code mandatory for landline calls within the area was necessary.

Popular numbers using the 01908 area code

The following are some of the most popular attractions in Milton Keynes which use the 01908 dialling code.

The National Museum of Computing – 01908 374708

Milton Keynes Museum – 01908 316222

MK Gallery – 01908 676900