Macclesfield Area Code 01625

Macclesfield Area Code: 01625

The civil parish of Macclesfield is based in the Cheshire region, southwest of Manchester in the Northwest of England. Historically, it was once the world’s largest producer of finished silk and there were 71 silk mills operating in 1831. The silk museum is now one of the town’s most popular attractions.

The town has a population of around 50,000 and people from the town are known as Maxonian. The nickname for the town is Silk Town, but others prefer the lesser known Treacle Town. Macclesfield got this nickname following an incident when a treacle wagon overturned in the town and the poor people scooped the treacle off the cobbles. There is now a monthly treacle market held in the town centre.

What is the Macclesfield area code?

The area code for Macclesfield is 01625. All Macclesfield phone numbers follow the same pattern with the five-digit area code followed by a six-digit phone number.

Locations using the Macclesfield area code

The following locations in the Macclesfield area all use the 01625 area code.

Alderley Edge Macclesfield Wilmslow
Bollington Poynton
Chelford Prestbury

If you receive a call from a phone number with the 01625 area code, it is likely that the caller is located in Macclesfield or one of the areas above. However, this isn’t guaranteed. There are many ways to use a Macclesfield area code phone number without having a physical presence in the area. This can include methods like call forwarding and virtual office services, which give companies the impression of being in a location without having a physical presence there. There are no guarantees that a 01625 phone number is based in Macclesfield.

How much does it cost to call the 01625 area code?

The 01625 Macclesfield area code is just like any other geographical landline number and is charged at the same rate as other 01, 02 and 03 phone numbers. You will be charged a connection fee followed by a duration fee, so the longer the call the more expensive it will be. If you have free minutes or call time included in your landline or mobile phone package, you will be able to use these minutes to call any phone number using the Macclesfield area code.

Can I call the 01625 area code from outside the UK?

Yes, you can call the 01625 area code from outside the UK. I order to connect your call to the Macclesfield area code, you will need to make a small change to the phone number. First, you will need to add the international dialling code for the UK, which is +44 or 0044. You will then need to remove the first zero from the area code and then dial the rest of the number as normal. So, to call the Macclesfield number 01625 123456 from outside the UK, you would need to dial +44 1625 123456. Calls from outside the UK are unlikely to be included in any free minute allocations and the cost will vary depending on your service provider.

Do I need to dial the Macclesfield area code for local calls?

No, if you are within the Macclesfield area and using a landline, you can omit the five-digit area code and just use the six-digit local number. If you using a mobile phone you will need to use the area code to make a call to a Macclesfield number. If you are on a landline outside of Macclesfield you will also need to use the area code to make your call.

Popular numbers using the 01625 area code

Below are some of the popular attractions in Macclesfield that use the 01625 area code for their main contact phone number.

Macclesfield Silk Museum – 01625 612045

West Park Museum – 01625 613210

Tegg’s Nose Country Park – 01625 374833