Lincoln Area Code 01522

Lincoln Area Code: 01522

Lincoln is a cathedral city in the heart of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands. The city is a popular tourist destination thanks to its rich and varied architecture, including the Gothic Lincoln Cathedral. The history of the town dates back to the Iron Age settlement of Lindon. The city also has Roman and Viking links as the town was of strategic importance thanks to its network of waterways.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Lincoln is its topographical situation which splits the city in two. Lincoln is located on the Lincoln cliff, which gives the city its unique divide between “Uphill” and “Downhill”. The River Witham flows through the middle of the gap. The “Uphill” portion is located 283 ft above sea level while the “Downhill” portion is 66 ft above sea level. The two parts of the town are connected by a narrow pedestrian passageway known as the Steep Hill. Historically, the divide also marked the class distinction in the area, with richer residents living “Uphill” and poorer residents “Downhill”.

What is the Lincoln area code?

The area code for Lincoln and the surrounding area is 01522. If you need to call a home or business number in Lincoln, you will need to dial the 01522 area code followed by the six-digit phone number.

Locations using the Lincoln area code

The following locations in the Lincoln area all use the 01522 area code.

Bassingham North Hykeham Sudbrooke Park
Birchwood Saxilby Swinderby
Lincoln Scampton Waddington
Navenby Spalford Washingborough

If you receive a phone call from a number using the 01522 area code, it is likely that the caller is located in Lincoln or one of the areas listed above. However, this isn’t guaranteed. There are many ways to use a Lincoln area code phone number without having a physical presence in the area, including call forwarding and virtual offices. There are no guarantees that a 01522 phone number is based in Lincoln.

How much does it cost to call the 01522 area code?

The 01522 area code is a standard geographical landline and will be charged at a standard rate set out by your network provider. You will be charged a connection fee and then a duration fee, depending on how long the call lasts. If you have free minutes included in your call plan, you will be able to use these to call the 01522 area code, whether you are using a landline or a mobile phone.

Can I call the 01522 area code from outside the UK?

In order to call a Lincoln phone number from overseas, you will need to amend the phone number to include the international dialling code. Without this code, you will not be able to call a 01522 phone number from a mobile phone or a landline outside the UK. To make the phone number functional from outside the UK, you will need to add the international dialling code for the UK, which is +44, and then omit the first zero of the area code.

Do I need to dial the Lincoln area code for local calls?

If you are calling from a landline with the same area code, you do not need to dial 01522 at the start of the phone number. For calls outside of the Lincoln area and for calls from a mobile phone, you will need to dial 01522 before the six-digit phone number in order to connect the call.

Popular numbers using the 01522 area code

The following are some popular Lincoln attractions using the 01522 area code.

Lincoln Cathedral – 01522 561600

Lincoln Castle – 01522 554559

The Collection – 01522 782040

The Museum of Lincolnshire Life – 01522 782040