High Wycombe Area Code 01494

High Wycombe Area Code: 01494

High Wycombe is the second largest town in the county of Buckinghamshire after Milton Keynes. It is located around 25 miles Northwest of London and close to Oxford and Reading. The town has a population of around 125,000. The town was historically significant as it was on the way from London to Oxford, which meant that many travellers would stop at the inns along the way. The town was also known for manufacturing furniture, in particular, the famous Windsor chair.

During the Second World War, the US Army Air Forces Bomber Command was based at a former high school. This formally became Headquarters to the 8th Air Force in 1944. Following the war, the town was subject to intensive redevelopment. Two new shopping centres were built along with office blocks and flyovers. Much of the old Georgian architecture has been demolished.

What is the High Wycombe area code?

The area code for the High Wycombe region is 01494. This applies to all home and business landlines in the High Wycombe region. However, it is possible to use a High Wycombe phone number without having a physical presence in the region.

Locations using the High Wycombe area code

The following locations in the High Wycombe area all use the 01494 area code.

Amersham Great Missenden Naphill
Beaconsfield Hampden Row Penn
Bledlow Ridge High Wycombe Radnage
Chalfont St Giles Holmer Green The Lee
Chesham Lane End
Cholesbury Little Chalfont

If you receive a call from a number starting with 01494, it is likely that the caller is based in High Wycombe. However, it is possible for companies to use the High Wycombe phone number through a virtual office of call forwarding service.

How much does it cost to call the 01494 area code?

The 01494 area code is classed as a geographical landline and will be charged the same as a call to a 01, 02 or 03 phone number. Rates will vary depending on if you are calling from a landline or mobile phone. You will be charged a connection fee and then a duration fee. Many phone providers include free minutes to landline numbers, including the 01494 area code. You will be able to use your free minute allocation to call this High Wycombe area code whether you are using a landline or a mobile phone.

Can I call the 01494 area code from outside the UK?

It is easy to call the High Wycombe area code from outside the UK, although call costs will vary depending on your phone provider. You will need to amend the dialling code by adding the international dialling code and then removing the first zero from the area code. So, to call the High Wycombe number 01494 123456 from outside the UK, you would need to dial +44 1494 123456.

Do I need to dial the High Wycombe area code for local calls?

If you are outside the High Wycombe area or using a mobile phone device, you will need to dial the 01494 area code in order to connect your call. If you are in the local area, you can omit the area code and just dial the local six-digit phone number. There are only a few are codes in the UK which require the caller to include the area code when they are calling locally. These include Brighton, Bradford and Milton Keynes.

Popular numbers using the 01494 area code

The following are some popular attractions in the High Wycombe area using the 01494 area code.

Hughenden Manor – 01494 755573

The Hellfire Caves – 01494 533739

Wycombe Museum – 01494 957210