Glasgow Area Code 0141

Glasgow Area Code: 0141

Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland and the third most populous in the UK. Located west of Edinburgh in the country’s West Central Lowlands, the city is a popular tourist destination thanks to its vibrant cultural offering and sporting heritage. The local people are affectionately known as Glaswegians, or Weegies and are known for their distinct dialect, which can be difficult to follow for some outside visitors.

In 2014, Glasgow played host to the Commonwealth Games which put it on the international sporting map. Glasgow is also well known for the sporting rivalry between Celtic and Rangers.

What is the Glasgow area code?

The dialling code for the Glasgow region is 0141. It is one of many cities in the UK to use the four-digit dialling code followed by a seven-digit local phone number. Prior to the current area code, the Glasgow area code was 141.

Locations using the Glasgow area code

The following locations in the Glasgow area all use the 0141 area code.

Baillieston Giffnock Paisley
Barrhead Glasgow Pollok
Bearsden Govan Possil
Bishopbriggs Halfway Provanmill
Bridgeton Ibrox Renfrew
Busby Kirkintilloch Rutherglen
Cambuslang Langside Scotstoun
Clydebank Maryhill Shettleston
Cranhill Merrylee Springburn
Croftfoot Milngavie Stepps
Drumchapel Neilston Thornly Park
Erskine Newton Mearns

If you receive a call from a 0141 phone number, it is likely that the caller is located in one of the locations listed above. However, there are services available which enable phone users to utilise a geographical landline number without having a physical link to the region. This is the case for virtual offices, which give the impression of a presence in the area. Call forwarding is also available for small businesses that need the presence of a landline number but the flexibility of a mobile phone. While the majority of 0141 phone numbers will be based in Glasgow, this isn’t guaranteed.

How much does it cost to call the 0141 area code?

The 0141 area code is a geographical landline and will be charged at the same rate as any other 01, 02 or 03 phone number. Calls will typically be charged for a connection fee and then a duration fee. Many phone providers include free calls to landline phone numbers at set times, such as evenings and weekends. Mobile phone providers will also offer free minutes as part of their SIM packages. You will be able to use your free minutes to call the 0141 area code.

Can I call the 0141 area code from outside the UK?

Most 0141 phone numbers will accept calls from outside the UK but you will need to amend the dialling code accordingly. To dial a 0141 phone number from outside the UK, you will first need to add the international dialling code, which is +44 or 0044. You will then need to omit the first zero of the area code and then dial the rest of the number as normal. For the Glasgow phone number 0141 1234567 you would need to dial +44 141 1234567.

Do I need to dial the Glasgow area code for local calls?

If you are calling from a landline outside of the area or from a mobile phone, you will need to use the 0141 area code to call Glasgow. If you are in the Glasgow area, you can omit the 0141 area code and just dial the seven-digit local number.

Popular numbers using the 0141 area code

Below are some popular attractions in the Glasgow area using the 0141 area code:

Riverside Museum – 0141 287 2720

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow – 0141 287 3050

Glasgow Cathedral – 0141 552 8198