Chichester Area Code 01243

Chichester Area Code: 01243

What is the Chichester area code?

The area dialling code for the Chichester region is 01243. It is one of the many regions in the UK to use the five-digit area code. Phone numbers in the Chichester area use the five-digit area code followed by a six-digit local phone number. The last change to the Chichester area code was made in 1995 when a 1 was added to the old 0243 area code. The Chichester area code was derived from the old rotary phone system, where ABC was 2, DEF was 3 and GHI was 4. The code was CH3, which was dialled by using 243 on an old rotary phone system.

Chichester is a cathedral city based in West Sussex around 50 miles southwest of London. It is the seat of the Church of England Diocese of Chichester and the 12th Century cathedral is a popular tourist attraction for visitors to the south of England. The city was a popular Roman settlement and the remains of the Roman military activity can be seen at the nearby Fishbourne Roman Palace. The plan of the city was inherited from the Romans, with streets radiating out from the central market.

Locations using the Chichester area code

The following areas use the five-digit Chichester area code. To dial a phone number in one of the following areas, callers need to add the 01243 area code.

Birdham Eastergate Sidlesham
Bognor Regis Emsworth Singleton
Bosham Middleton on Sea Slindon
Bracklesham Bay Pagham Yapton
Chichester Selsey

If you receive a call from a number starting with the 01243, it is likely that the caller is based in Chichester or one of the surrounding areas listed above. However, it is possible with modern technology for callers to give the impression of being in a location where they have no geographical links. Virtual offices allow companies to use a local area code from anywhere in the world. So, there are no guarantees that a 01243 number is actually based in the Chichester area.

How much does it cost to call the 01243 area code?

The 01243 area code is a geographical landline and will be charged as such by all phone network providers. To call the Chichester area code, you will be charged a connection fee followed by a duration fee. This means the call will cost more depending on how long the call takes. Many landline providers include free local calls with their plans or free landline calls during certain times such as evenings and weekends. Mobile phone providers also offer an allocation of free minutes every month. As it is a geographical landline number, they should be included in any free minutes offer.

Can I call the 01243 area code from outside the UK?

In order to call the Chichester area code from outside the UK, you will need to make some changes to the number. First, you will need to add the international dialling code for the UK, which is +44 or 0044. Then you will need to omit the first zero of the area code and then dial the rest of the number as usual.

Do I need to dial the Chichester area code for local calls?

If you are using a mobile phone or dialling from outside the area, you will need to use the 01243 area code. Local landline calls from within the Chichester area do not need to use the area code.

Popular numbers using the 01243 area code

There are a number of important organisations and businesses using the 01243 area code. These are listed below:

Chichester Festival Theatre – 01243 781 312

The Novium Museum – 01243 775 888

Goodwood Racecourse – 01243 755 057