Brighton Area Code 01273

Brighton Area Code: 01273

Brighton is a popular seaside resort on the south coast of England. Brighton is part of the Brighton and Hove region in West Sussex. Located less than 50 miles from London, Brighton is a popular commuter town for London professionals. It is the 42nd most populous area in the UK with around 290,000 residents.

The biggest update to the Brighton area code was in 2005 when it was changed to 01273. Prior to this, the Brighton area code was just 1273. In 2014, further changes were made that meant all phone users would have to dial the 01273 area code to connect their call. This was for calls inside and outside of the local area. The changes meant that more phone numbers could be introduced to the Brighton area code.

Locations using the 01273 area code

The following location use the 01273 area code

Barcombe Hurstpierpoint Poynings
Brighton Lewes Ringmer
Glynde Newhaven Rottingdean
Hassocks Peacehaven Shoreham-by-Sea
Henfield Plumpton Southwick
Hove Portslade Telscombe

If you receive a call from the 01273 area code, this could be a business or home landline in Brighton. However, it’s important to note that some companies may purchase blocks of 01273 phone numbers without having a physical presence in the area. This is a popular option for small business owners who want to give the appearance of having a physical presence in an area. In reality, the phone number might redirect to a mobile phone or even a phone number in a different region.

How much does it cost to dial a 01273 number?

The Brighton area code is a geographical landline so it will cost the same as it would to call any other 01, 02 or 03 phone number. Calls will be charged for a connection fee and then a duration fee and the rates will vary by supplier. Many phone providers will include free minutes to landline numbers at particular times such as evenings or weekends. Many mobile phone providers will also include a bundle of free minutes in their mobile phone package. You can use free minute allocations to call the Brighton area code.

Dialling a 01273 number from outside the UK

The 01273 area code will accept calls from outside the UK, but you will need to amend the number before dialling. You will need to add the international dialling code for the UK and then adjust the area code. The international dialling code for the UK is +44, or 0044. So, to dial the Brighton phone number 01273 123456, you will need to dial +44 1273 123456. Calls from outside the UK to the Brighton area code will vary across phone networks. If you are using a UK mobile phone outside the UK, you will be charged more to call the UK, unless you have a roaming package.

Do I need to use the 01273 area code when calling locally?

Until 2014, callers located in the Brighton area could omit the Brighton area code and simply dial the six-digit local phone number. In 2014, Ofcom announced that the Brighton area was running out of phone numbers and that the Brighton area code would be required, even for local calls. This means that Ofcom could then introduce a new set of phone numbers starting with 0 and 1.

Important phone numbers in Brighton

Brighton is home to a number of important tourist attractions. Below are some important phone numbers using the Brighton area code.

Brighton Palace Pier – 01273 609361

Theatre Royal Brighton – 01273 764400

Brighton Police Station – 01273 475432

Royal Sussex County Hospital – 01273 696955