Bedford Area Code 01234

Bedford Area Code: 01234

Bedford is a town in the county of Bedfordshire. The dialling code for Bedford is 01234. The town has a population of around 80,000 and is known for its population of individuals of Italian descent. Bedford is located North of London, close to the M1 motorway. The town was once home to Bedford Castle, but this was destroyed in 1224. It is also thought to be the final resting place of Offra, King of Mercia, who died in 796.

Bedford is a popular town for sports fans and is home to several sports teams, including four rugby union teams and a rugby league team, the Bedford Tigers. Bedford is one of the largest towns in the UK without a fully professional football team. Bedford Town FC and Bedford FC play at The New Eyrie and Bedford FC play at McMullen Park. The town is also famous for rowing thanks to its position on the River Ouse.

Locations using the 01234 area code

The following locations use the Bedford 01234 area code:

Bedford Haynes Ravensden
Cardington Kempston Riseley
Cranfield Lower Shelton Sharnbrook
Colmworth North Crawley Turvey
Great Barford Oakley Wilstead
Harrold Olney Wixams


If you receive a call from a number starting with 01234, it may be based in Bedford or one of the regions above. However, some companies and organisations choose to have a Bedford phone number without a physical presence in the area. Some small businesses may choose to have a Bedford phone number which redirects to a mobile phone. It’s also possible for companies to rent a virtual office which would allow them to use a Bedford area code from anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost to dial a 01234 number?

The Bedford area code is a geographical number, so it will cost the same as calling a 01, 02 or some 03 numbers. In order to call a 01234 number, you will be charged a fee for connecting the call and then another fee for the duration of the call. Most phone providers include free calls to geographical locations during set times. If your mobile phone provider offers a set amount of free minutes every month, you will be able to use your allocation to dial a 01234 area code number.

Dialling a 01234 number from outside the UK

If you are calling from outside the UK, you will need to adjust the number to include the Bedford area code. The international dialling code for the UK is +44, or 0044. If you are trying to call the Bedford number 01234 123456, you will need to first add the international dialling code the then omit the first zero. For example, 01234 123456 would become +441234 123456 or 00441234 123456. Calls from overseas will cost more than a call to a local number so you should check with your service provider before calling.

Do I need to use the 01234 area code when calling locally?

If you are calling from a number with the 01234 area code, you do not need to dial the 01234 before dialling the six-digit local number. If you are using a mobile phone device, you will need to dial 01234 before the six-digit local number, even if you are located in Bedford.

Important phone numbers in Bedford

Bedford is home to a number of important attractions and institutions. Below are some of the most notable phone numbers in Bedford using the Bedford area code.


Bedford Hospital – 01234 355122

University of Bedfordshire – 01234 400400

The Bedford Corn Exchange – 01234 718044

Bedfordshire Police – 01234 841212