Bath Area Code 01225

Bath Area Code: 01225

Located in the Southwest of the United Kingdom, Bath is a beautiful and historic town which became a World Heritage Site in 1989. It is the largest city in the county of Somerset and has a population of almost 89,000. The city is home to two universities and notable sights including the Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey. The city became a spa in 60AD when the Romans established a temple and baths around the hot springs. All geographical phone numbers in the Bath area will start with 01225. Whether a business or home phone number, all phone numbers in this region will be prefixed with 01225.

Areas using the 01225 area code

The following is a list of towns and regions using the 01225 area code.

Bath Combe Down North Trowbridge
Hawthorn Kingsmead Saltford
Batheaston Limpley Stoke Trowbridge
Box Marshfield
Bradford-on-Avon Melksham

All homes and businesses within this geographical area will use the 01225 number followed by a further six digits. It’s important to remember that new communications technology makes it possible for companies and organisations to use a particular area code without a geographical presence in the area. If a company calls you with the Bath area code, 01225, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are based in the region. Virtual offices and phone number redirecting means that not all 01225 phone numbers will be based in the Bath region.

How much does it cost to call 01225 numbers?

This kind of number is classed as a geographical phone number. Geographical numbers are any number that starts with 01 or 02. To call the 01225 area code, you will be charged a connection fee and then a duration fee. Some suppliers include free calls to geographical phone numbers. Some mobile phone suppliers will also include a set number of minutes per month. If you are unsure how much a phone call will cost, you should check with your provider.

How do I call the Bath area code from outside the UK?

If you are calling the Bath area code from outside the UK, you will need to adjust the number to include the country code. The country dialling code for the UK is +44. To be able to use the country dialling code, you should first dial the country code, then the area code omitting the first zero, and then the phone number. To dial a Bath area code number from outside the UK, instead of dialling 01225 123456, you would dial +44 1225 123456. If you cannot use the + sign, you can dial 0044 instead.

History of the Bath area code

Bath is one of the few regions which was originally issued with two area codes. When dialling from outside of Bath, people would have to use the 0225 code for a main central area, but some regions such as Bradford-on-Avon used the 0221 area code.

Local numbers would vary in length and used a complicated system depending on where you were calling out to and from. It wasn’t until the 1980s when the system was simplified to give everyone the same 0225 area code. The area code was changed again in 1995 when it became 01225.

Popular phone numbers in Bath

If you receive a call from a 01225 phone number, it is very likely that this call is from a Bath home or business. Here are some of the most popular attractions in Bath and their 01225 phone numbers.

Royal United Hospital – 01225 428331

University of Bath – 01225 388388

Bath Spa University – 01225 875875

Bath Abbey – 01225 422462

Theatre Royal – 01225 448844