Aberdeen Area Code: 01224

Aberdeen Area Code: 01224

With a population of just under 200,000, Aberdeen is the third most populous city in Scotland and the 39th most populous city in the UK. The city is nicknamed the Granite City, or the Grey City after it’s reputation for granite production. Aberdeen granite was used to build the Houses of Parliament and Waterloo Bridge in London. All phone numbers in the Aberdeen area code will start with 01224 and then be followed by a further six digits.

Localities using the 01224 area code

Below is a list of all locations using the 01224 Aberdeen area code.

Aberdeen Culter Kinellar
Ashgrove Denburn Kingswells
Balgownie Dyce Lochnagar
Bieldside Kincorth Portlethen

Both businesses and homes in this area will use the 01224 prefix. However, you should remember that some businesses will use a geographical number with no physical presence in the area. This is becoming more popular as communication technology becomes more sophisticated.

For example, a company can choose to have a virtual office in the Aberdeen area with an Aberdeen area code. While the majority of 01224 phone numbers will be from home or business lines in the area, it isn’t always guaranteed.

How much does it cost to call a 01224 number?

This area code is a geographical phone number. This means that you will be charged a standard rate no matter where you are in the UK. You will typically be charged an access fee and then a duration fee, depending on how long the call lasts. Many phone providers include free calls to 01 and 02 numbers. Mobile phone providers may also include free minutes with any phone plan.

How do I call Aberdeen from outside the UK?

If you are outside the UK and need to call a 01224 number in Aberdeen, you will need to make adjustments to the phone number. You will need to add +44 or 0044 to the start of the number. You will then omit the first number of the area code. If you are trying to dial 01224 123456 from outside the UK, you would need to dial +441224 123456.

Do I need to use the area code?

It’s no longer possible to call a local Aberdeen number by omitting the area code. Before October 1st, 2014, it was possible to dial local numbers without using the 01224 dialling code. This is no longer possible and you will need to dial the full 11-digit phone number.

Aberdeen is one of the regions in the UK which was close to running out of phone numbers in 2014. For this reason, the 01224 area code is now required to be able to make a phone call. This move created a further 200,000 01224 numbers for the area.

Companies based in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is home to a number of companies, large and small. Due to its proximity to North Sea drilling platforms, the city is home to a number of oil and energy companies. Transport company First Group also have their headquarters in Aberdeen.

The largest companies based in Aberdeen are Loyal Scots Company Limited, Beresford Energy Limited and Hydro Energy And Technologies Ltd. The oldest registered company is Wood & Davidson Limited which was incorporated in June 1899.

Important numbers starting with 01224

The following are some notable numbers based in Aberdeen. These numbers all start with the 01224 prefix as they are based in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen City Council – 01224 522000

Aberdeen University – 01224 272000

Aberdeen Arts Centre – 01224 635208

Aberdeen Science Centre – 01224 640340

A lot of important Aberdeen institutions, including Aberdeen Airport and Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, use 03 numbers rather than the local 01224 number.