Aqua Card Contact Number: 0333 220 2691

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Aqua Card contact number – 0333 220 2691

If you need to contact Aqua Card customer services, you can do so by calling their UK helpline on 0333 220 2691. This number can be used to start a new credit card application, extend your existing card limit, make a repayment or close your account. Not everyone will be eligible for an Aqua Card account, so you can use this phone number to confirm eligibility before submitting a final application. Your credit score will be checked as part of the application process, so you should avoid making too many applications for credit in a short space of time.

If you are an existing account holder with Aqua Card, you can use this number to check your balance and credit limit. These tasks can also be done online using your internet banking. If you misplace your internet banking details, you can call customer support to gain access to your online account again.

If you wish to pay off your card early or make additional payments, you can call 0333 220 2691. Clearing your balance early will help to lower the amount of interest you pay overall. Once you have paid off your account balance in full, you can then close your account using the number above if you no longer wish to use the Aqua Card credit facility.

If you notice unusual activity on your account, if you lose your card, or if you suspect your card may have been compromised, you should contact customer support. This will help to prevent criminals from accessing your funds. They will protect your account by blocking your card and sending a new bank card to your address.

The Aqua Card customer service line is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm. On Saturday, it is open from 9 am to 5 pm and on Sunday, it is open from 10 am to 6 pm. The helpline may be closed during bank holidays.

Aqua Card complaints – 0333 220 2691

If you need to make a formal complaint about the service you have received from Aqua Card, you can contact them on 0333 220 2691. This number can be used to notify the Aqua Card team about unfair charges on your account. If you need to appeal against an item on your statement, you can also use this number to inform the Aqua Card team. And finally, if you feel you have been rejected for an Aqua Card based on incorrect information, you can contact them directly to discuss the decision.

If you were sold payment protection insurance against your knowledge, you can also contact Aqua Card to arrange compensation. If you would rather make your complaint in writing, you can do so by sending your complaint to their complaints department in Leeds. Remember that this is not a secure form of communication so you should never share any sensitive account information by mail.

Aqua Card,

Complaints Department,

PO Box 700,


LS99 2BD,

United Kingdom.

Contact Aqua from outside the UK: +44113 244 8986

If you need to contact Aqua Card from outside the UK, you can use their international phone number. This number can be used to check your balance, make a payment, or report any suspicious activity. You can also use this number to confirm fees for using your card overseas. Charges will vary by country, so you should always check before using your card overseas. Remember that you will be charged for making an international call unless your phone plan allows you to make UK calls for the same rate when overseas.

Activate your Aqua credit card – 0800 028 7777

If you have recently received your Aqua Card, you should contact them on 0800 028 7777 to activate your card. You will not be able to use your card until you have completed this important step. This is a free-to-call helpline which is available 27 hours a day, seven days a week. However, please note that it is an automated service and you cannot use this number to speak to a customer service representative.

Card Care cover claims – 0870 850 6850

If you have taken out an Aqua Card Care policy, you can contact them on 0870 850 6850. This is a dedicated phone number for making a claim, getting a quote or cancelling your policy. If you have closed your credit card and need to stop automatic payments, you should contact the Card Care claims line or you will continue to be charged.

Payment Protection Insurance Claims (PPI) – 0345 600 6007

Aqua Card has a dedicated Payment Protection Insurance claims line which is 0345 600 6007. If you have payment protection insurance and are struggling to make payments due to unemployment or if the card-holder has passed away, this customer service line will be able to guide you through the claims process. You will often be able to secure compensation to help pay off the balance in the event of the death of a cardholder.

Important Aqua Card phone numbers

Aqua Card customer services 0333 220 2691
Contact Aqua from abroad +44113 244 8986
Activate your Aqua Card 0800 028 7777
Card Care cover claims 0870 850 6850
Make a claim on credit card repayment cover 0345 600 6007

Further ways to contact Aqua

If you would prefer to contact Aqua Card in writing, you can do so by using their online form or by sending a letter to their Sheffield customer service address. You can also reach out to Aqua Card on their social media accounts. Remember that not all of these methods of communication are secure, so you should avoid sharing sensitive information.

Write to Aqua

To reach Aqua Card by main, you can post letters to their UK customer service address. This address no longer accepts cheques for payments. You may have to wait longer to receive an answer to your enquiry. You can reach Aqua Card on the following address:

Aqua Customer Services,

PO BOX 173,


S98 1JW,

United Kingdom.

Email Aqua

If you already have an Aqua Card account, you can log in to your secure online portal to send messages to customer service. Your online portal will also allow you to manage key aspects of your account, including checking your balance, transferring balances and increasing or decreasing your credit limit.

Visit Aqua on social media

Aqua Card are very active on social media and you can use these channels to contact their customer support team. Even if you are using a secure message service, you should never reveal sensitive account information over social media.

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