An Introduction to UK Telephone Numbers

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Here in the UK, we organise telephone numbers into a series of groups to help you understand the type of number you are calling.  The way to tell what group a number belongs to is by looking at the first two digits.

01, 02 and 03 – landlines

01,02 and 03 numbers are normal home and business phone lines.  The first two categories, 01 and 02 numbers, are known as geographical numbers.  That’s because they form an area code for a specific part of the UK. Numbers that start with 03 are a little different and can be anywhere in the country.

When you call any of these numbers from a landline, mobile or even from abroad, there is a standard call cost.  The exceptions are numbers 01481, 01534 and 01624 which are for Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. Calls to these 01 numbers may cost more than to other UK 01 lines.

05 – corporate lines and VOIP

05 numbers are corporate and VOIP numbers.  These aren’t used a lot and tend to be for large organised that buy big blocks of numbers at once, often to be used internally for their staff.  They can also relate to VOIP phone services.

07 – mobiles, pagers and personal numbering

The majority of numbers that start with 07 are mobile phones or pagers located across the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

If you find a number that starts with 070 this is what is known as a personal number and is used when someone needs flexibility in their incoming call forwarding such as to different locations.

08 – service numbers

08 numbers are mostly what are called service numbers.  This is the type of number that is used by a business and rates are set by the company.  For example, 0800 and 0808 numbers are freephone lines that don’t cost you anything to call from a mobile or landline.

Numbers that start with 084 and 087 have a charge of 13p per minute or per call, depending on the provider.

09 – premium rate

Numbers that start with 09 are the most expensive or premium rate numbers.  These can cost anywhere from £3.60 a minute to £6 a call. These tend to be used for a range of information lines, competitions as well as dating and adult entertainment services.  The cost of the call is used to pay for the service provided.

Other numbers

Currently, numbers starting with 04 and 06 are not in use anywhere.  If a number starts with 00 this is because it is mostly for international calls outside the UK.

There are many companies who dont want you to contact them via the telephone. Though as we all know, this method is the quickest and stress-free way of resolving issues you may have with a company. We put together an extensive list of companies and their direct numbers.